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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Signature Update from Cindy for Congress

Dear Friends

Thanks for all the encouragement and help.

This afternoon we turned in 431 signatures and the the DOE gave us 196 valid signatures from that.
Then, surprisingly, the Dept of Elections found 112 more good signatures from the first
batch we turned in...so now we need 208 valid signatures by 5:00 Friday, August 8th.

We are turning in 780 signatures first thing in the morning...so I am cautiously optimistic that
we will qualify with those signatures, but nevertheless, we have still have people out getting
signatures and we will collect signatures all day tomorrow until the DOE confirms that we have
qualified. If we don't qualify with what we have by tomorrow at 5pm, the next step is taking it
to the courts and demand that a truly non-partisan entity count our signatures.

There are some good things about this:

Our plight has gone viral and new volunteers have been coming in all week to help and more
people have been swarming into the office to sign the petition. Today was the first day that
I had an infusion of hope that we have a really good chance of winning (a fair election)!

Another great thing is that we have turned in about 18000 signatures and that is 18000 votes.
We are 1/2 of the way to taking about 1/2 of Pelosi's votes, and that is all we need to win in

On to the campaign and on to victory.

As soon as we get the call that we qualified, I will let you all know.


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