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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cindy Sheehan & Mary Morello Blog from 7/10/08

Cindy: I want to talk about the FISA modernization Act that house of representatives passed about 10 days or so ago.
The foreign intelligence surveillance act was passed in 1978 and it was passed because Richard Nixon took great liberties with his position as president to spy on enemies in America they called him and so that was in direct violation of the 4th amendment right against the legal search and seizure. So congress passed the foreign intelligence surveillance act, which is ironic because back in 1978 all of the civil liberty lawyers and constitutional experts were fighting against it because it wasn't necessary because we already have the fourth amendment. Well now the FISA act provided for a FISA court so if the president or anybody wanted to spy on somebody's telephone calls or their papers or whatever they just had to go to the FISA court and the FISA court would approve a warrant for this tapping this wire tapping

Mary: where is the FISA court located?

Cindy: The FISA court is, the FISA court I don't think so much was a location, is as an entity. So since 1978 the administrations have routinely asked the FISA court for warrants and they've only been turned down 4 times since 1978 and presidents can even do it retroactively this isn't even a sense of national security the President or one of the President's agents knows or feels like it's a national security emergency then they can do the spying and they can ask for a retroactive warrant and that's never been turned down either . So then we get George Bush and George Bush just does all of this warrant less wire tapping, spies on peoples phone calls their emails and their other communication and the telecom companies, not all of them but most of them, just willingly gave the records over and I'm sure this telephone call right now is being listened to. But now congress has so called "modernized" the act and given telecom companies immunity because many people were suing them for billions of dollars for an invasion of privacy. That says to me that just means the death of our fourth amendment. They've already killed the eighth amendment against cruel and unusual punishment, they've already killed our rights to habeas corpus and the first amendment is basically a joke anymore: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, separation of church and state. This country in increasingly becoming a Christian country and Barack Obama even has to prove that he's some kind of super Christian to win the presidency and I think that is unconscionable because in a free society like we use to have that there is this clear separation of church and state. We shouldn't even talk about religion in the political realm and I'm running here for congress and I refuse to talk about my religious beliefs or my lack of religious beliefs are nobody's business in this era. I am just so worried about the condition of this country.

Mary: Everybody I meet is worried.

Cindy: Were becoming a police state and people in America are so sound asleep as they don't even care that we're rapidly becoming a fascist police state.

Mary: They should be asleep instead all they talk about movie stars and singers. The news is horrible. I look in the front page of the Chicago papers to see if there is anything about Iraq and it's never on the first page, never.

Cindy: That's gone down even appreciably this year with them talking so much about the Presidential you know the democratic primaries which are only a farce. You know this because you are in the heart of where Jeremiah was and he absolutely told the truth and Obama denounced Jeremiah Wright, which I think that is a sell out. So they don't talk about the issue they just talk about things that are superficial. I could blame the American people for being so sound asleep, for being so apathetic, but now people are basically fighting for survival. The gas is so high, and food is so high and they're losing their homes. This is a very devious situation we've been put into and people either are giving up their freedoms for security or they don't care because they have other priorities that they're worrying about. Their jobs, people are losing their jobs because they can't afford to go to work because of the gas…

Mary: and because of the corporation lay offs.

Cindy: I know the outsourcing because of these so called "free trade" agreements. The Bush administration has just been a disaster. My opponent, Nancy Palosi, her and her congress passed this FISA modernization act . To me what they did is treasonous because you don't give up the rule of law or your founding documents as they did. And its just really really sickening. That's about all I wanted to talk about this morning.

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