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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

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"Hey, Tom here. Gonna keep you updated with the latest music and politics here from now on. You can also check out axisofjustice.org or www.myspace.com/thenightwatchman for more info. Solid, Tom"

AXIS OF JUSTICE News - 8/19/2008


GORI, Georgia, Aug 18 (Reuters) - A Russian tank crashes through a barricade of Georgian police cars, explosions ring out from a military base as Russian troops destroy Georgian arms and ammunition, soldiers sit listlessly at the roadside.

Russia announced on Monday it had begun withdrawing its troops from Georgia under a six-point ceasefire plan. But neither Georgia nor wary and openly impatient Western powers saw any evidence of the tanks, trucks and troops leaving.

LINK: http://wiredispatch.com/news/?id=302716


The Rise and Fall of Pervez Musharraf

Despite Pervez Musharraf's despotism and double-dealing with U.S. enemies, George W. Bush, John McCain and the GOP embraced him to the bitter end.

LINK: http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2008/08/19/musharraf/


How Wind Farms May Really Replace Coal Mining
One community is attempting to prove that clean energy can beat dirty power -- even in the heart of coal country.

LINK: http://www.alternet.org/environment/95535/how_wind_farms_may_really_replace_coal_mining/

Signature Update from Cindy for Congress

Dear Friends

Thanks for all the encouragement and help.

This afternoon we turned in 431 signatures and the the DOE gave us 196 valid signatures from that.
Then, surprisingly, the Dept of Elections found 112 more good signatures from the first
batch we turned in...so now we need 208 valid signatures by 5:00 Friday, August 8th.

We are turning in 780 signatures first thing in the morning...so I am cautiously optimistic that
we will qualify with those signatures, but nevertheless, we have still have people out getting
signatures and we will collect signatures all day tomorrow until the DOE confirms that we have
qualified. If we don't qualify with what we have by tomorrow at 5pm, the next step is taking it
to the courts and demand that a truly non-partisan entity count our signatures.

There are some good things about this:

Our plight has gone viral and new volunteers have been coming in all week to help and more
people have been swarming into the office to sign the petition. Today was the first day that
I had an infusion of hope that we have a really good chance of winning (a fair election)!

Another great thing is that we have turned in about 18000 signatures and that is 18000 votes.
We are 1/2 of the way to taking about 1/2 of Pelosi's votes, and that is all we need to win in

On to the campaign and on to victory.

As soon as we get the call that we qualified, I will let you all know.



Fifteen months ago, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello officially debuted a new persona, the Nightwatchman, an acoustic-guitar-and-harmonica-wielding protest singer with a deep baritone. This fall, the Nightwatchman returns with The Fabled City, 11 songs of politically charged folk recorded in eight days with producer Brendan O'Brien.

Unlike on 2007's stripped-down One Man Revolution, Morello and O'Brien created bigger, more eclectic arrangements for the new album — which also features vocal spots from Serj Tankian and country rocker Shooter Jennings. "It definitely rocks harder than the first one," Morello says.

Writing the songs for The Fabled City was a cathartic experience for Morello, who channeled his grief about the recent deaths of his aunt and uncle into the lyrics. "This album is a search for hope through music," Morello says. The song "Saint Isabelle," which eulogizes his aunt, draws heavily from Celtic music. "Irish rebel music makes for great fighting songs," he says.

Political-protest tunes remain the core of the Nightwatchman material. "Night Falls" documents a union uprising in the guitarist's childhood home of Marseilles, Illinois, while "Midnight in the City of Destruction" is a first-person account of surviving Hurricane Katrina. "I lost my grandfather, two neighbors and my friend," Morello sings. "I pray that God himself will come and drown the president if the levees break again."

Morello — currently playing festivals with Rage — is psyched to bring some of that energy to his solo tour this fall. "I feel comfortable now playing not only the creepy, dark acoustic songs but also cranking it up on the electric," he says. "That'll definitely be part of the tour."

[From Issue 1058 — August 7, 2008]

Austin Scaggs




THANK YOU SAN FRANCISCO... A Note From: Cindy Sheehan

THANK YOU SAN FRANCISCO... A Note From: Cindy Sheehan

...and Supporters from all over the Nation

Dear Friends,

Due to some very dedicated volunteers and employees (who not only earned a little extra money but believe in our campaign that is by and for the people), Cindy for Congress will be turning in our nominating signatures this Tuesday, July 29th!

Our campaign goal was to turn in the nominating signatures by August 1st, so we are ahead of our campaign schedule and will be 10 days ahead of the deadline.

We will pick up supplemental petitions on Tuesday to gather signatures until August 8th: the number depending on the number of signatures that are invalidated, but on Tuesday, we will be turning in well in excess of the 7698 that are still due.

According to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, I will be only the 6th non-partisan to attain ballot status in California.

Quite a historic day for the people. Not only is it super difficult just in a logistical way, but WE WILL BE ON THE BALLOT AGAINST THE FAILED SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE! This is huge! This is profoundly significant!

We are 100 days away from the election and 100 days away from sending Pelosi packing.

Talk about a revolution! Talk about a peaceful coup!

Love & Peace

More than candles blown out at Slash-A-Palooza

*** Taken from www.lasvegassun.com***
By John Katsilometes · July 24, 2008 · 9:47 AM

Slash's Birthday Bash

Maybe this all didn't happen Wednesday night. Maybe, on my walk through the parking garage leading to The Mirage, someone flung a brick at my head and knocked me cold, and the whole tableau played out in my concussed consciousness.

Perhaps the great ventriloquist and soon-to-be Mirage headliner, Terry Fator, was not joined onstage on a pool deck usually reserved for seminude sunbathers by the famously long-bearded Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Maybe it was a dream that Jason Bonham, the shaved-headed percussionist son of the late John Bonham, didn't crash through a piercing version of "Whole Lotta Love" as onetime Jane's Addiction and Porno For Pyros frontman Perry Farrell crawled across the stage wailing that we needed to keep the party going because, "We don't wanna die, do we?!" It could be that former Spacehog vocalist and deposed husband of Liv Tyler, Royston Langdon, didn't blithely scream the lyrics of "Stone Free" and "Jean Genie" into a temporarily dead microphone to a throbbing audience that didn't seem to notice, because Slash and his searing Gibson guitar were hoarding the spotlight.

Yep, it could be that Stacy Ferguson, or just "Fergie," didn't really sashay onstage in skin-tight black Spandex pants and a grey T-shirt emblazoned with a gold L.A. Dodger logo for a hair-raising version of "Sweet Child O' Mine," fairly dry-humping the former Guns 'N Roses lead guitarist as he nimbly unleashed his signature solos. And it might be my imagination that Fergie, in the midst of covering Heart's "Barracuda," might have fallen short of Ann Wilson's vocal dexterity but executed a move Wilson could never pull off – a trio of one-handed summersaults. And maybe the entire surreal experience didn't close with Slash cutting into a very tall birthday cake shaped like his trusty Gibson, topped by a quite-familiar black top hat, and a wildly diverse mix-and-match group of celebs singing, "Paradise City," – with Fator, Farrell, comic actor Tommy Davidson and Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains providing a glistening-with-sweat Fergie with backing harmonies.

But it all did happen. As proof, I still wear a white wristband reading "Bare pool lounge," and am suffering what might be a pair of perforated eardrums.

Oh, and happy birthday to Slash, who turned 43 (and should know better) yesterday and last night. Forgive those of us who did not bring gift baskets to Slash-A-Palooza. But the 600 or so revelers who paid $100 a pop surely couldn't have anticipated the sample plate of rockers (and the odd ventriloquist) who thundered through a 2 ½-hour spectacle at The Mirage's finest water feature. Others who ambled on and off the stage included bassist Mike Inez (also once of Alice In Chains); Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello; Will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas, Senen "Sen-Dog" Reyes of Cypress Hill; Emma Taylor, Winston the Turtle, soul singer Julius and Dougie Scott Taylor (Fator's handy puppets); and Perla Hudson, the mistress of ceremonies and also Mrs. Slash. That's discounting a video montage assembled by Perla – who seems so at home with the mic that she could emcee her own variety show -- that featured Rainn Wilson, Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee, Sammy Hagar, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (playing trumpet to great effect) and Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen.

There was a tepid rumor early that the night that the event might feature a Guns 'N Roses reunion of sorts, but it never happened. It's just as well. Who had the time?

Songs covered by some or all of this band of misfits included the G'N R classic "It's So Easy," assaulted by a heaving, wild-eyed Langdon; "Superstition" and "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," by Farrell, a man who seems born to wear the bright-red pants and matching red-and-black satin jacket; "Wish You Were Here," by Cantrell and Inez; and "To Kill a Man," by Davidson, Sen-Dog, Will.i.am and pretty much everyone else on or near the stage.

No wonder the man of the moment could only mutter, "I am completely f-ing overwhelmed." That statement pretty much captures Slash, a man of few words but many chords who has managed to fill the guitar hero roll as well as anyone for the past 20-plus years. At one point, during "It's So Easy," the cat in the hat ripped into a solo, casually tossed a spent cigarette butt into the photographer's pit at the front of the stage, then spun around without missing a note. Niiiice.

The crew made it to the Beatles Revolution Lounge for extended play, and much of the amped-up crowd met them there. I lasted maybe an hour before the corner man in my brain threw in the towel. On my way out of the hotel a woman dressed like Sweet Loretta Modern of "Get Back" strutted toward me and asked, "Wanna have some fun?"

I just laughed. She had no idea.


Dear Friends,

In one week, we have collected 2836 signatures and we need 2821 more to qualify to get on the ballot for November.

We averaged about 405 per day last week. We had more volunteers out on the streets and neighborhoods and we were able
to raise enough money to hire some paid gatherers, too.

If we keep up this rate, we will have the required amount by next Sunday...the earlier we turn in our required signatures, the earlier
we will know our invalid rate and we will have until August 8th to make those signatures up. When we turned in our 3000 filing signatures, our invalid rate was 22%, I expect this time it will be lower, because we won't make the same errors we did last time.

Thanks for your support and for spreading the word!

I am supremely confident that we will be on the ballot and that is 2/3rds of the way to victory in November!

Love and Peace

Cindy Sheehan & Mary Morello Blog from 7/10/08

Cindy: I want to talk about the FISA modernization Act that house of representatives passed about 10 days or so ago.
The foreign intelligence surveillance act was passed in 1978 and it was passed because Richard Nixon took great liberties with his position as president to spy on enemies in America they called him and so that was in direct violation of the 4th amendment right against the legal search and seizure. So congress passed the foreign intelligence surveillance act, which is ironic because back in 1978 all of the civil liberty lawyers and constitutional experts were fighting against it because it wasn't necessary because we already have the fourth amendment. Well now the FISA act provided for a FISA court so if the president or anybody wanted to spy on somebody's telephone calls or their papers or whatever they just had to go to the FISA court and the FISA court would approve a warrant for this tapping this wire tapping

Mary: where is the FISA court located?

Cindy: The FISA court is, the FISA court I don't think so much was a location, is as an entity. So since 1978 the administrations have routinely asked the FISA court for warrants and they've only been turned down 4 times since 1978 and presidents can even do it retroactively this isn't even a sense of national security the President or one of the President's agents knows or feels like it's a national security emergency then they can do the spying and they can ask for a retroactive warrant and that's never been turned down either . So then we get George Bush and George Bush just does all of this warrant less wire tapping, spies on peoples phone calls their emails and their other communication and the telecom companies, not all of them but most of them, just willingly gave the records over and I'm sure this telephone call right now is being listened to. But now congress has so called "modernized" the act and given telecom companies immunity because many people were suing them for billions of dollars for an invasion of privacy. That says to me that just means the death of our fourth amendment. They've already killed the eighth amendment against cruel and unusual punishment, they've already killed our rights to habeas corpus and the first amendment is basically a joke anymore: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, separation of church and state. This country in increasingly becoming a Christian country and Barack Obama even has to prove that he's some kind of super Christian to win the presidency and I think that is unconscionable because in a free society like we use to have that there is this clear separation of church and state. We shouldn't even talk about religion in the political realm and I'm running here for congress and I refuse to talk about my religious beliefs or my lack of religious beliefs are nobody's business in this era. I am just so worried about the condition of this country.

Mary: Everybody I meet is worried.

Cindy: Were becoming a police state and people in America are so sound asleep as they don't even care that we're rapidly becoming a fascist police state.

Mary: They should be asleep instead all they talk about movie stars and singers. The news is horrible. I look in the front page of the Chicago papers to see if there is anything about Iraq and it's never on the first page, never.

Cindy: That's gone down even appreciably this year with them talking so much about the Presidential you know the democratic primaries which are only a farce. You know this because you are in the heart of where Jeremiah was and he absolutely told the truth and Obama denounced Jeremiah Wright, which I think that is a sell out. So they don't talk about the issue they just talk about things that are superficial. I could blame the American people for being so sound asleep, for being so apathetic, but now people are basically fighting for survival. The gas is so high, and food is so high and they're losing their homes. This is a very devious situation we've been put into and people either are giving up their freedoms for security or they don't care because they have other priorities that they're worrying about. Their jobs, people are losing their jobs because they can't afford to go to work because of the gas…

Mary: and because of the corporation lay offs.

Cindy: I know the outsourcing because of these so called "free trade" agreements. The Bush administration has just been a disaster. My opponent, Nancy Palosi, her and her congress passed this FISA modernization act . To me what they did is treasonous because you don't give up the rule of law or your founding documents as they did. And its just really really sickening. That's about all I wanted to talk about this morning.

So next week we'll Blog again!!!!!

On July 15th a new Bruce Springsteen charity EP released featuring a collaboration with:

Tom Morello/The Nightwatchman

In April, at two of Bruce Springsteen's shows in Anaheim, I had the privilege of playing "The Ghost of Tom Joad" with Bruce Springsteen. It is an amazing honor that the recording and video of night one of this performance will be released on digital format with all the proceeds going to benefit a Danny Federici Melanoma Fund. Danny, as you probably know, was Bruce's friend and musical collaborator for 40 years who recently passed away from complications due to skin cancer. A few days before the Anaheim shows I ran into Bruce Springsteen at a recording studio and we talked about the possibility of playing together some time in the future. I threw out the idea of perhaps tackling "The Ghost of Tom Joad". A few days later we spoke again on the phone and he said come on down to Anaheim and let's do this! I don't often get nervous for performances but frankly I was super scared for this one as Bruce Springsteen is one of my favorite artists and playing on stage with him was going to literally be a dream come true. Bruce was unsure of whether we were going to play the song acoustic or electric so I practiced both versions and went down to soundcheck not knowing what to expect. When I got there Bruce was rehearsing the E Street band in what sounded like a very rocking version of "The Ghost of Tom Joad". I was down in catering and was very surprised to hear that he had raised the key of the song about seven steps above where it sits on "The Ghost of Tom Joad" album. I was in a near panic as I knew this was going to stretch The Nightwatchman's vocal range perhaps beyond his abilities. So it came time to rehearse the song at soundcheck and Bruce and the E Street band were very cool and gracious. As we began to play the song I realized that I was probably not going to be able to sing it and began sweating bullets. I told Bruce, Look I'm not sure if I can sing in that key. He and Steve Van Zandt came over and were both kind of singin the correct notes in my ears and I was sweating more bullets thinking Oh my gosh this is my once in a lifetime opportunity to play with Bruce Springsteen and I'm likely to blow it. So finally Bruce just looked me in the eye and said "It's gonna be fine". At that point I stopped worrying about it because, ya know, he's The Boss. The show that night couldn't have gone better. He and the band were amazing and I had a great time playing and singing "The Ghost of Tom Joad". When it came time for the guitar solo spot I thought I probably shouldn't hold anything back because who knows when I'll be on stage with Bruce Springsteen next. So I kinda went for it. Bruce and his fans were very appreciative. I know the utube version of that song has been out for a while but I understand that the version that's being released on July 15th is remixed and the video is re-edited for maximum rock impact.

Danny Federici will be very much missed. He was a great musician and an important part one of rocks greatest all time bands. Again, it was an honor to be on stage with the E Street band and my condolences and thoughts go out to Danny's friends and family.

- Tom Morello


Rolling Stone Interview The Nightwatchman

Tom Morello Charts Similarities with Obama, Talks Election 2008

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello can't help notice the similarities between himself and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. "Well, you know, being the half-Kenyan Harvard graduate from Illinois in his early forties, not running for president this year's election gives me a unique perspective," Morello tells Rolling Stone's Austin Scaggs. "I've always felt more comfortable on the other side of the barbed wire fence, you know, lobbing musical Molotov cocktails at the party."

"If America elects a black president it will be a different country than the one I've seen my entire life and that would be a step definitely in the right direction," Morello added.

A member of Rage Against the Machine supporting a presidential hopeful? Has the band softened on its radical edge? " I don't think it has anything to do with rebelling against a President. It has to do with policy. The Democratic Congress was elected in 2006 to end the war and they rolled over like lap dogs," Morello adds. So who does Morello think will win this election? "In the next presidential election America will get the president it deserves. If after eight years of Bush's foreign and domestic crimes that we elect a Republican president, you know, it seems to me like you should be able to run a barnyard animal against a Republican and win in a ninety-ten split," Morello says. "So if America elects McCain over, you know, the clearly intelligent, erudite, fair-minded Barack Obama, then either way we'll get the President we deserve."

Magic Tour Highlights will be available for download beginning July 15


Special guests in the spotlight on new digital release
With official live Springsteen recordings few and far between (even though they've stepped up the game in recent years), we've always been fans of the Chimes of Freedom EP model -- no grand statement or tour summation, just getting great live music out fast. Twenty years later, we've got something of the same species: a four-track live EP with recordings from mere months ago, to be released even as the Magic tour continues.

Magic Tour Highlights, available in less than two weeks, embraces the digital era, delivering mp3s and videos online with no physical release currently planned. The EP will be available for download from all digital downloads stores, including the iTunes Store and Amazon.com.

Four songs from Bruce and the E Street Band's spring 2008 U.S. leg have been selected, each highlighting a special guest -- if you count Danny Federici's re-emergence for his only 2008 appearance, what turned out to be his final performance in Indianapolis. A "guest spot" or not, it was an emotional high point of the tour that's captured here, along with three other unique performance highs. The tracks:

"Always a Friend" with Alejandro Escovedo (April 14, Houston)
"The Ghost of Tom Joad" with Tom Morello (April 7, Anaheim)
"Turn! Turn! Turn!" with Roger McGuinn (April 23, Orlando)
"4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" with Danny Federici (March 20, Indianapolis)
In addition to the audio tracks, each of these will be available in accompanying live videos. The recordings were mixed by Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Bob Ludwig; Thom Zimny handled re-editing on the videos.

The artists, songwriters, and music publishers are waiving all of their royalties, and Columbia Records is donating all of its net profits, for all sales to benefit The Danny Federici Melanoma Fund. The iTunes Store is donating their first year's net profits as well. Magic Tour Highlights will be available for download beginning July 15.